Rustam Rug Gallery is the premier rug and carpet store across Temecula and its surrounding areas. Having been in the business for over 2 decades, we have expanded from offering rug and carpet cleaning services, to include rug and carpet repair services, rug and carpet appraisal services, and more. Our credibility in the local industry is unrivalled as we make it a point to deliver our solutions honestly, efficiently, and professionally.

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Rustam Rug Gallery is known for providing the most thorough rug and carpet cleaning services in and around Temecula. No two rugs are the same, and for this reason we developed a wide range of cleaning processes to handle different kinds of rugs and carpets such as simple, modern, artisan, and antique. Our team of highly trained professionals will examine the type, material, and age of the rug to determine the correct cleaning procedures to perform. We use only specialized tools and the right cleaning products for all of our rug and carpet cleaning services to ensure the design, fabric, and color of your pieces are maintained.



Carpets and rugs are types of furnishings that succumb to wear and tear through constant use and time, especially the antique ones. And as the leading rug and carpet store across Temecula, Rustam Rug Gallery offers exceptional rug and carpet repair services applicable for all kinds, new and old. With our comprehensive knowledge on various rug and carpet materials, our experts are able to determine the kind of material used and use the exact same type for the repairs. We do extensive research especially for complex repair projects. We always make it a point to follow the original design and use the same stitching method to maintain their integrity and ensure authenticity. Our rug and carpet repair services are performed with careful attention to detail that guarantees a seamless and noticeable repair job.


Living room with artisan rug
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Here at Rustam Rug Gallery, we consider ourselves as artisans in our own right and our in-depth knowledge about rugs both locally and foreign makes us the top choice to partner with. Our expertise when it comes to buying and selling such textiles and materials are unmatched anywhere else in Temecula and its surrounding areas. As the premier retailer in the local rug and carpet scene, our store boasts a huge selection of only the finest rugs and carpets for your home and business, guaranteed genuine and justifiably rated. And if you have quality rugs and carpets you want to sell, we are interested in buying them. We give rugs and carpets another chance at life by finding them a new home. After all, they are more than just floor decorations, they too are masterpieces in their own right.



Rustam Rug Gallery prides itself with its in-depth knowledge of oriental and antique rugs. With our years in the industry, we are able to provide honest and accurate rug and carpet appraisal services for our clients in and around Temecula. So if you have a rug or carpet that has been with your family for generations and you want to learn more about them, feel free to bring it to us. Our rug appraisers can inform you about its history, make, and the process of how it was made so you can better understand its true value. Whether it’s local, foreign, new, or vintage, you can get the most out of your rugs and carpets when you decide to sell it.


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Whenever you are in need of carpet cleaning services, rug appraisals, repair solutions, or are looking into buying or selling your oriental rugs and carpets, partner with Rustam Rug Gallery, your one-stop shop in and around Temecula. If you have any questions or inquiries about our products and services, feel free to give us a call at 951-719-1172. Alternatively, you can send us an email through our Contact page. Our staff is more than willing to assist you with your questions and or concerns.