Here at Rustam rug gallery, we are known for our exceptional repair and cleaning services across Temecula and its nearby areas. With our years of experience in the industry, we developed cleaning methods that thoroughly clean carpets and rugs without compromising their integrity. Our specialists are also highly trained and qualified to perform repairs on all types of rugs, including Oriental, Persian, and Navajo. Our attention to detail when it comes to the care of your carpets and rugs is unmatched anywhere else in Temecula and its surrounding areas.

To get a better understanding of our cleaning and repair methods, we prepared videos of how we perform these procedures. Feel free to watch these videos to know the kind of service you get when you partner with us.

For any questions or inquiries you’d like to make, or if you need to set up an appointment with us, you can reach us at 951-719-1172. You can also fill out the form provided in our Contact Us page.